Wednesday, February 5, 2020

Crafting a third door for the dungeon.

I have dungeon tiles made using Hirst Art's moulds from DMB Games, but the range only includes single doors, so I have been making double doors out of foam core board. This is my third attempt and I feel like I'm on a roll.

This time I decided that the door would be flanked by two pillars.

I followed my previous method. I cut out 3 pieces of foam core: one from 5 mm and two from 3 mm plus some small pieces of 3 mm for the embellishments. I soaked the pieces in warm water for a short while so I could then peel off the paper covering the foam. Using an HB pencil, I then drew on the stonework and the door's wooden planks. Here I pressed hard enough to make indents which would show up well when it takes an ink wash. The door will be double-sided; identical on both sides.

Note that the columns are too tall, they will be cut to size immediately prior to being glues in place.

I then rolled up a piece of kitchen foil into a ball and rolled it over all the brickwork to give the stones a more rough appearance which will show up well when dry-brushed.

I glued together the 3 pieces of foam using PVA (white wood) glue with the 5mm piece sandwiched in the middle and then glues on the embellishments.

I made door furniture by cutting out small pieces of card from a cereal packet. The door handles were made from small squares of 3mm foam core and match sticks. I used the same door furniture on both sides.

The door furniture was then glues in place.

Painted as follows:
  1. Overall: Matt Mod Podge mixed with black hobby paint (80%/20%).
  2. Stonework: Mechanicus Standard Grey
  3. Stonework: Heavy Dry Brush of Stormvermin Fur
  4. Stonework: Dry Brush of Dawnstone
  5. Woodwork: Steel Legion Drab
  6. Metalwork: Ironbreaker
  7. Overall: Mix of Liquitex Brown ink and Black ink in equal quantities with a drop of washing up liquid and a drop of water added.
  8. Overall: Matt varnish
  9. Stonework (except pillars): Dry Brush of Administratum Grey  
  10. Pillars: Dry Brush of Beige Stone

All three of my double doors, together with two singles made from Hirst Art's moulds and a Citadel figure for scale..

Job done!

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