Wednesday, January 29, 2020

Crafting more sewer tiles for the dungeon.

Now that I have a method for making sewer tiles with which I am happy, I decided to make some more which should be less basic.

First I sketched out the tiles that I wanted; I decided on six different tiles.

Just like for the previous batch, the base of the tiles was made from a 4-inch square of 5 mm foam core. The paving stones were also made from 5 mm foam core, which I had first soaked in warm water for a short while so I could then peel off the paper covering the foam. Using an HB pencil, I then drew the individual paving stones and then lines to represent cracks. Here I pressed hard enough to make indents which would show up well when it takes an ink wash. I glued the paving stones onto the base using PVA (white wood) glue. I then rolled up a piece of kitchen foil into a ball and rolled it over all the paving stones to give the stones a more rough appearance which will show up well when dry-brushed.

For the Grate Tile I used a metal piece from Black Tree Design's "AA119 - Floor Tiles". I painted the inside of the grate before gluing it in place.

For the Straight Tile with Planks I used a piece of 3 mm foam core on which I will place the planks later.

For the Straight Tile with Grate I placed two thin strips of 3 mm foam core between which I used two strips from coffee stirrers onto which I will place the grate later.

Painted as follows:
  1. Overall: Matt Mod Podge mixed with black hobby paint (80% / 20%).
  2. Stonework: Dark Grey
  3. Stonework: Heavy Dry Brush of Medium (Rain) Grey
  4. Stonework: Mix of Liquitex Brown ink and Black ink in equal quantities with a drop of washing up liquid and a drop of water added.
  5. Stonework: Matt varnish
  6. Stonework: Dry Brush of Light Grey (use Stone Beige on a couple of paving stones for contrast)
  7. Rock: Paint Red Brown and Dry Brush with Light Grey
  8. Sewage: Raw Sienna (you may need a couple of coats to cover thoroughly)
  9. Sewage: Mix Raw Sienna and Lime (Leaf) Green (66% / 33%) and paint a line down the edges of the sewage nearest the paving stones.
  10. Sewage: Using the same paint mix, take a small piece of sponge and use it to dab paint randomly onto the middle of the sewage flow.  
  11. Sewage: Create a liquid effect using Liquitex Gloss Heavy Gel. Apply quite thickly and work with a Sculpting Tool to give a running water effect. 
Finishing touches:

Paint the grate on the Gate Tile in gunmetal and wash with red-brown ink to give rust effect.

Glue on small planks made from coffee stirrers to the Straight Tile with Planks and paint using brown inks.

Glue on metal grate to the Straight Tile with Grate and paint using gunmetal and wash with red-brown ink to give rust effect.

Glue some flock onto the Straight Tile with Rock.

Job done!

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