Sunday, November 29, 2015

Dungeon Crawl Project - Part 2

The Dungeon Tile Core Set from DMB Games was a great start to my Dungeon Crawl Project but I wanted something more. So I decide to try my hand at making some pit trap tiles.

I decided my requirement was one 2x1 tile and one 2x2 tile and that both pits should contain spikes. The idea being that I can swap out the original floor tile for one of these when the unsuspecting adventurers discover the pit.

I made the bases from 5mm foam board into which I pushed the pointy ends of cocktail sticks and then added sand. I build up the sides with a second piece of foam board.

I used a thin layer of green-stuff to build up the sides to the same height as the DMB tiles and then sculpted it to give cracked flagstone look I wanted.

Finally DMB's tiles are stylish with their felt bottoms, and I didn't want anything less, so I cut out and glued a piece of felt to the underside.

Painting was Games Workshop’s Codex Grey, a black ink wash and then a dry-brushing with a lighter shade.  The wooden stakes show up well against the grey background – I decide against painting the tips blood red.

The figures, except I think perhaps the wizard, are all old Citadel models.

Monday, November 23, 2015

Dungeon Crawl Project - Started

I bought a Dungeon Tile Core Set from DMB Games as the basis for my dungeon building project. I am very happy with these tiles (although I'm sure I'm going to need more). There's still lots of work to do filling the dungeon with monsters and "furniture" before I am anywhere near happy with it. However, it was now time for the first band of heroic adventurers to  explore.

The dwarves are old Citadel models. Not sure what the monster they discovered is, and by the look on the dwarves' faces neither do they - perhaps an old Citadel ogre?

The brave band of dwarves enter the dungeon.

The dungeon is full with nasty surprises!

Sunday, November 22, 2015

Battle of Bailén in 6mm

Refight of the Battle of Bailén (Baylen), 19th July 1808, using Command & Colors Napoleonic Rules. Figures from Baccus 6mm range, hex terrain from Kallistra.

The setup. Spanish to the left, French to the right.

The Spanish Army awaits.

The French infantry attack.

The Spanish infantry routed, and the artillery taken in the flank.