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A Fantasy Adventure – Act 6.

This is a dungeon crawl using dungeon tiles from DMB Games, map tiles from Red Dragon Gaming and the Swords and Wizardry “Old School D&D” rules.

The party consists of 6 fourth-level adventurers: GIMLIT SON OF GROIN (dwarf fighter), ST.JOHN WILDBLADDER III (human paladin), BELWINA (human female ranger), KRANOVAL (half-elf magic-user), THE BISHOP OF BATHENWELLS (human cleric) and FRITO BUGGER (hobbit thief). Additionally there was Frito’s dog FIDO and KOBBE the newly resurrected kobold.

The party are finally nearing the City. As they camp for the night they know that there is now only one day’s march to reach the city. They set up their tents, then feed and water the pony. Knowing that there will be fresh food in a good Inn tomorrow, they eat a hearty meal, using up most of their rations, leaving only enough for a quick breakfast. They agree on the night’s watch roster and then crawl into their tents.

They are awakened in the morning by a cry from Kranoval’s tent. He is in shock; his Wand of Lightning Bolts has disappeared during the night. Belwina searches around the tent and quickly notices fresh giant rat tracks.

Belwina, Kobbe, Fritto and Fido start following the tracks as the rest of the party breaks camp. A cry comes from St.John Wildbladder III; the purse with his gold is missing. Fritto soon returns and tells the party that Belwina is hot on the trail of the rats; her tracking skill and Fido’s nose will soon track them down.

The party leaves their camp and soon catches up with Belwina, Kobbe and Fido.

Belwina is concentrating so hard on tracking, she misses the 4 Stirges that swoop down and surprise the party.

After another hour’s tracking the party comes upon a rocky ledge with a small cave entrance into which Belwina and Fido are sure the rats entered.

The party enter the cave with Fritto the thief leading. At the back of the cave they find a passageway extending into the hillside. It could be an old mine.

 Kobbe was left outside with the pony. As soon as the party left, he moved into the cave with the pony. He felt much safer as soon as he was under the ground again.

The party follow the passageway which continues to a crossroads. The passage continues straight ahead 30ft to a dead end. To the right it extends 30ft and then turns left. To the left it extends 30ft and then turns right.

The party turns left, follows the passage and as it turns right the see a rats nest before them containing 12 Giant Rats and 1 Monstrously Huge Rat.

They party had killed most of the rats in the next, when another swarm of rats approached from behind. Gimlit with his trusty rushed to the rear of the party and chopped the rat swarm into small pieces.

Having discovered that the right hand passage went to another rats nest, now deserted, the party took the remaining passage. It came to a dead end but the dwarf's stone-working expertise showed him that there was a poorly concealed secret door there. 

Forgetting to ask Fritto to check for traps, the Gimlit opened the door and got pricked by a hidden poisonous needle. Gimlit fell unconscious! The rest of the party jumped over him and rushed into the room behind the door.

There ther found 3 wererats waiting. Forgetting at first that only magic or silver weapons damage wererats the party attacked. It was a hard fight, especially without Gimlit. There was some panic looking for the party's silver dagger until someone worked out that it was under Gimlit's prostate body.

Although he didn't have a magic mace, the Bishop of Bathenwells bravely bashed a wererat repeatedly over the head. The wererat was tenacious and Bathenwells received a nasty wound. 

The Bishop of Bathenwells went back to try and revive Gimlit which was successful.

Belwina used up her two magic arrows.

Hearing the fighting, the Master Thief Wererat Touché appeared and opened fire with his crossbow.

It was a close run thing, but with Gimlit's Magic Axe, Wildbladder's Magic Bastard Sword and Fritto's Magic Short Sword it looked like the party was going to win.

But then it went pitch black. Darkness filled the whole area. Fighting stopped.

By the time Bathenwells came up with the idea that he could cast light to dispel the darkness, the wounded Master Thief Wererat Touché had disappeared.

Fritto picked the lock and entered the next room carefully. I was the Master Thief's quarters. Looks to me like there's a wand, a purse and a map on the table he said. Kranoval and Wildbladder rushed in to grab their items. there was also a chest which Fritto opened carefully and inside he found the thief's swag: including bags of gold, six gold signet rings, a silver candelabra, a scroll, and potion.

Master Thief Wererat Touché had escaped so the party searches for and finds the secret door that led to his emergency exit. Touché had got away but he was not at all happy with the day's outcome.

Too much of the day has passed for the party to be able to reach the city. However as they near the city they see a number of farms surrounded by cultivated fields. As darkness falls they stop at a farm. The farmer and his wife offer to put them up in the barn and even feed them a good home-cooked stew for only 2 gp each.

The farmer wakes up the party just before dawn and they head for the city. As they approach the city gate they see a queue of farmers’ carts waiting to enter.  They pass by the “Roadside Inn”, just outside the gate, which appears to be full of Merchant caravans.

They enter the city and are immediately accosted by a young boy who offers to be your guide for only 2 gp and will even provide a visitor's map for the same price. After a short tour the guide takes them to the King's Road Inn where they book rooms for one week.

The next day some of the party go to Albin's Armoury to order chain mail. Wildbladder is offered special paladin mail which has every fourth ring plated with silver so it shines. Bathenwells goes to Freya's temple to prey and replenish his stock of holy water. Kranoval goes to Madame Jacquezel's where he orders an elaborately decorated robe with matching hat.

Kobbe has no money, not even a copper, so he goes to the bazaar to try and steal a cherry tart.

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A Fantasy Adventure – Act 5b.

This is the second instalment of a fantasy adventure, the first part of which can be found here.

Having defeated the evil cleric, the party continues to explore the labyrinth under the temple.

In the lead were THE BISHOP OF BATHENWELLS (human cleric) and GIMLIT SON OF GROIN (dwarf fighter) closely followed by KRANOVAL (half-elf magic-user) and FRITO BUGGER (hobbit thief) behind who came FIDO (the dog) and BELWINA (human female ranger). Bringing up the rear was ST.JOHN WILDBLADDER III (human paladin). Following along behind were the two rescued farmers carrying MEPOO's body.

The party turns a corner and in front of them opens up a tomb. All around the walls of this room, there are niches containing skeletons. All of them wear rusting chain mail and carry notched swords and riven shields.

As the party enters, eight skeletons animate immediately and move to attack. The Bishop of Bathenwells decided not to waste his energy turning the skeletons, but to bash them instead!

As the party fight off the skeletons, a second wave exits from the niches. Fido seems to go berserk at the sight of all the bones and chews the skeletons to bits.

The party defeats the skeletons and searches the tomb and niches but finds nothing of value, except for Fido who picked up and rather nice femur.

Having listened at the door, the party enters the next room. Even this is a tomb with niches filled with skeletons, however they don't activate. On the far side of the room, flanking a doorway, are two stone statues of knights.

Fritto decides to creep in the shadows up to the door, but this causes the statues to activate. The party attack the statues. Belwina uses her long bow from a distance.

The party defeats the statues after a hard struggle. They search the room, the niches and the skeletons. The find nothing of value, except for Fido who is spoilt for choice. They move on through the next door.

In the next room the walls are decorated with paintings showing the deeds of three paladins; a dwarf, a human and a human female. There are also three sarcophagi with engravings indicating that the belong to the three paladins.

Gimlit and St.John Wildbladder managed to push the heavy lid from the dwarf paladin's sarcophagus but in doing so set off a trap giving the both a nasty magic shock. Inside the sarcophagus they see a skeleton wearing rusty plate mail and holding a shiny Battle Axe. The dwarf grabbed the battle axe which he determined to be magical.

Fritto and the Bishop of Bathenwells open the sarcophagus belonging to the male paladin. Inside the sarcophagus they see a skeleton wearing rusty plate mail and holding a rusty sword. The bishop puts his arm in t rummage around and a scything blade slashes across the opening. After some trouble, Fritto manages to disable the blade but nothing of value is found.

Belwina and Kranoval open the sarcophagus belonging to the female paladin. Inside the sarcophagus they see a skeleton wearing rusty plate mail and holding a rusty sword as well as the remains of a now rotten longbow. They eagerly root around in the sarcophagus and find a hidden compartment. This they open releasing a poisonous gas; luckily not fatal. In the bottom of the compartment they find a beautiful pearl necklace which they guess has magical properties because it has lasted so well.

Having found nothing more of interest in the paladin room, Gimlit, Bathenwells, Fritto and Wildbladder kick in the door and go through into a small bare 15 foot square room. In the centre of the room stands a chest.

Fritto carefully checks for traps and finds none. Gimlit opens the chest and finds inside a stone sphere about 1 foot in diameter. This he picks up and examines. Being an expert in stonework, he thinks that this is the same workmanship as the pedestal in the temple above. That pedestal was two foot high with a concavity in the top shaped like a hemisphere which could contain exactly half of a one foot diameter sphere.

Let us return to the temple and see if my guess is correct says Gimlit.

The party returns to the temple and Gimlit places the sphere onto the pedestal. It hovers above the concavity. There is a magical feeling in the air that the temple is being cleansed.

Around the neck of each party member appears an Amulet of Reward. They feel that the amulet will save them from one nasty event caused by chaos as a reward for cleansing the Lawful Globe Temple.

The party return to the village of Hillview where they are greeted with great happiness for rescuing the two farmers.

They go straight to the Temple of Law and meet the cleric Rehab who can already feel that the Globe Temple has reawakened. Rehab sees that the party have Amulets of Reward. He offers to replenish Bathenwalls supply of Holy Water and to heal Mepoo the kobold if the his left overnight.

The party goes to the Two Flagons to rest and recuperate. The next day Belwina goes to the Smithy/Armourer for a fitting of her Ring Mail.

They the visit the Temple of Law and find Rehab the cleric with a resurrected kobold, but now the kobold is lawful and has changed his name to Kobbe.

After a few days, when the party has recovered fully and Belwina has her new mail, they decide to leave and head for the big city. They purchase a pony from the stables to carry their treasure and their new supplies and equipment.

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A Fantasy Adventure – Act 5a.

This is a dungeon crawl using tiles from DMB Games and the Swords and Wizardry “Old School D&D” rules.

The party consists of 6 third-level adventurers: GIMLIT SON OF GROIN (dwarf fighter), ST.JOHN WILDBLADDER III (human paladin), BELWINA (human female ranger), KRANOVAL (half-elf magic-user), THE BISHOP OF BATHENWELLS (human cleric) and FRITO BUGGER (hobbit thief) as well as Frito’s dog FIDO. Even MEPOO the kobold is following along after the party rescued him from the goblin's lair.

After several days of travelling, the party are at last approaching the small village of Hillview. The narrow road that leads for miles through this forest is overgrown with weeds, beginning to blend and disappear entirely back into the wilderness. There is a feeling of slow retreat and disintegration.

Finally the party sees the distinctive hill upon which the village of Hillview is built. At the top, there is a small cluster of buildings surrounded by a decrepit palisade – you can just barely see the half-collapsed roof of the old Temple of Law that was once said to be the pride of the village. Even at this distance, the place looks run down. The hill is very steep and only one path leads up to the top.

The party follows the trail up to the hilltop where it is blocked by a half-ruined gatehouse. The gates have fallen off and have been pushed to the side to keep them from blocking the entrance. However, the rusting iron portcullis has been lowered, and there is a guard standing atop the building with his crossbow levelled.

The party explained that they come looking for an inn for the night and a place to replenish their supplies. The guard sees that the party contains both a priest and a paladin and raises the portcullis to let them enter the village.

As they walk through the gateway into the village they see two buildings with signs hanging outside, to their left “The Hilltop Emporium” and to their right “The Two Flagons Inn”.

The party purchases supplies and equipment from The Hilltop Emporium and Belwina purchases clothes for Mepoo to replace his rags. They then move on to the Two Flagons Inn where they negotiate the price for dinner and rooms for the night. The party then continues to explore the village, and when they come to the Smithy/Armourer Belwina the ranger orders some ring mail to replace her leather armour.

The party continue to the dilapidated Temple of Law past its weed infested garden. An old one-armed cleric comes forward to meet them. "Greetings my name is Rehab. Wonderful, just like they promised, took a while though, they did send me a Paladin and a Cleric to restore Law and Order to the village and the surrounding area. The Gods be praised. There are supernatural forces at work, you know! You must start with the Globe Temple. Once that is cleansed then everything else will fall into place. The Gods will reward your good deeds and I will get a new roof and an acolyte or maybe even two to do all the hard work. Not a minute to loose."

Somewhat surprised by this greeting, the party decide anyway to accept the challenge and they ask Rehab where the temple lies. He replies, "To find the Globe Temple, go south downriver from the ford, you won’t be able to miss its ruins on the top of a hill. I’ll draw you a sketch on a piece of parchment." The party promise to cleanse the temple just as soon as they have had a good night's rest.

The party follow the sketch map and are now on a trail towards the Globe Temple. A rocky hill rises steeply beside the trail; a few massive blocks of dark stone at the crown making it clear that this is the site of the Globe Temple. No buildings remain, although several blocks of masonry are scattered here and there on the hillside as if they had been tossed around by an unthinkably powerful force. Small groves of trees, bushes and undergrowth have taken hold of the slope, but the party can see an entrance near the top of the hill, which is very large, wide enough for several people to enter side by side, and it is closed by a double door. With no further ado, the party climb the hill to the door.

The party enters into the antechamber. It is an impressive underground chamber with double doors at both ends. The party approach the far pair of doors, over which there is a mosaic image of a green jar. The tiles surrounding the jar are glowing with magic light.

The hobbit, Frito, wants to touch the mosaic but can't reach, so the party hoists him up to stand on the Bishop's shoulders. Frito is sent a vision by the magic image.

The party enters through the next pair of double doors and find themselves in a chamber with a domed ceiling supported by four pillars. They see a short pedestal surrounded by broken shards of green glass.

Frito the hobbit can't keep his fingers under control, and he pokes the green glass. He is knocked unconscious by the magic force it contains and starts having magic dreams. While Frito is dreaming, four giant centipedes crawl out of previously unseen holes in the stone pillars, and attack the party.

The party dispatch the centipedes while Frito recovers. They search the room and find nothing more of interest so the continue on via the door behind the pedestal.

They enter the next room with the dwarf and cleric leading. They see another pedestal, this time two feet high with a concavity in the top shaped like a hemisphere. The concavity would contain exactly half of a one foot diameter sphere.

They inspect the pedestal, all the time expected some undead to emerge, but they find nothing of great interest.

The dwarf and the hobbit start searching the room and find a secret door. The stop searching and jump through the door behind which are steps down leading to a winding passage.

The passage winds through the hillside and then comes to another flight of steps down and then a T-junction. The cleric tosses a gold coin which tells him to turn right.

As the party follow the corridor they come to a small room with a man-sized statue of a demon blocking the archway that leads out of the room.

The party enter the room and the demon moves forward to attack. The party surround the demon but it is a tough nut to crack. The party soon discover that non-magical weapons are not doing much damage to the demon.

While the fight was in progress, cries for help are heard coming from the door to the left.

The demon is defeated so the party enter the room to the left where they find two humans, a man and a woman, chained to the wall. The dwarf uses his hammer to free them. The magic use questions them and they reveal that they were captured by evil monsters from their farm and brought here a few days ago. They have been visited by an evil cleric surrounded by a cloud of ash and given strange painful injections. They decide the safest thing to do is now follow along behind the party.

A small orange demon head is indented in the wall of the corridor to the next room which is empty. The mouth of the demon head is about two inches across, and it contains several small gears and switches, so small that a needle would be required to move them around with any precision. The party ignores these and Gimlit the dwaf and Fido the dog rush into the room towards the next door. A hoard of small darts shoot out from both walls hitting both Gimlit and Fido. They rush back into the safety of the corridor.

Frito the hobbit thief is called upon to use his nimble fingers to disarm the trap. He gets advice from St.John Wildbladder the paladin. He thinks he has succeeded and enters the room only to be hit by more darts. He jumps back out and on his second attempt he disarms the trap.

The party cross the dart-trap room safely and open the door to the next room.

The room has a pentacle marked on the floor.  Four skeletons stand along the far wall blocking the door. What appears to be the statue of a demon, comes to life, snarls and moves towards the party.

The Bishop of Bathenwells raises his holy symbol above his head and cries out "Flee before the power of LAW, foul undead things of Chaos!". The skeletons were turned but the demon seems even more annoyed and charges the Bishop.

After much ado, the party defeats the demon.

Frito, St.John Wildbladder and Kranoval enter the next room which is empty except for a lone treasure chest. Frito examines the chest for traps. He determines that he cannot find any poison needles or suchlike traps but he still thinks there is something strange with the mechanism.

The curious Kranoval decides its worth to take a chance and open the chest lid. A very loud, siren-like noise shrieks from the inside of the chest. The chest itself contains 500 copper pieces. It takes a while before Kranoval decides that the best way to stop the noise is just shutting the lid. The party can ignore the copper coins, too heavy to carry for to little value.

The party kick down the door and rush in. There they find an evil demon cleric surrounded by an ash cloud and two more demons. Alerted by the opening of the chest, all three are ready for combat and looking mean.

Battle commences. The rest of the party rushes in. The evil cleric causes his ash cloud to engulf The Bishop of Bathenwells but the Bishop's luck prevents it from doing harm.

The alarm in the chest had alerted the Evil clerics minions and four entered the fight via a secret door.

Four more of the evil cleric's minions are coming round the back of the party. Things are looking dangerous.

Gimlit son of Groin takes out a potion of haste, swigs it down with one gulp, and sets about destroying the minions (his battle-axe wasn't magic so he had already worked out that it had little effect on the demons). Belwina loads he longbow with her magic arrows and shoots them at the evil cleric. The Bishop of Bathewells takes out his flasks of Holy Water and throws them at the evil cleric. St.John the paladin is using his magic sword with great effect. Frito sneaks behind the demon and backstabs it. Meeto the kobold pulls out his sling, whether to help the party or save his own skin is unsure, but he opens fire with his slingshot.

However things are not looking good. Finally Kranoval the mage, remembers that he has a wand of lightning in his backpack. He pulls it out, aims at the evil cleric and fires. A perfect hit and the cleric is now looking rather scorched.

The Bishop of Bathewells finishes of the evil cleric with another flask of Holy Water. The remaining minions flee the scene, knowing now that they have no chance.

The demons, however, stay and fight but without the evil cleric even they fall prey to the party.

At the end of the fight, Mepoo the kobold was dead and Fido unconscious. The paladin lays on hands and Fido could get back on his feet, although somewhat shakily. Most of the party are seriously wounded and drink healing potions.

The party searches the room, but all it contains is a broken and toppled statue of a bearded priest holding a sphere.

Gimlit opens the secret door and the party goes into the minions' lair. Here they find eight small chests containing personal belongings and treasure (most taken from when raiding passing caravans and nearby farms). There are coins to the value of 200 gp and a rather nice necklace of gold beads worth 100 gp.

As they party seaches the minions' lair they hear the very loud, siren-like noise coming from the chest. The two rescued farmers are filling their pockets with copper coins.

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A Fantasy Adventure – Act 4.

This is a dungeon crawl using tiles from DMB Games and the Swords and Wizardry “Old School D&D” rules.

The party consists of 6 third-level adventurers: GIMLIT SON OF GROIN (dwarf fighter), ST.JOHN WILDBLADDER III (human paladin), BELWINA (human female ranger), KRANOVAL (half-elf magic-user), THE BISHOP OF BATHENWELLS (human cleric) and FRITO BUGGER (hobbit thief) as well as Frito’s dog FIDO.

The farmer’s daughter was rescued and the party had been well feasted. The party got directions from the farmer; they were on the right road for the big city, but less than a week’s travel away by foot was a small village where they could get more supplies and equipment so they could make it on to the city without any problems. The party headed off in the direction pointed by the farmer.

The third day’s travel was coming to its end. As night was falling the Ranger spotted the glow of a camp fire off to the right. She pointed this out to the party who decided to investigate. The Ranger and the Hobbit moved stealthily towards the glow followed by Fido the dog.

When they came nearer the glow they could see 4 goblins around the camp fire cooking some meat on skewers.  Behind the camp fire was the entrance to a cave. The alert Ranger spotted two more goblins keeping watch from the shadows.

Frito the Hobbit and Fido sneaked behind one guard while Belwina attacked the other guard. At the same moment the rest of the party charged the goblins by the fire. One goblin fled into the cave while the others died fighting.

A quick search by the party found no treasure on the goblins. Fido sniffed at the meat on the skewers but turned up his nose in disgust.

The party entered the cave. The dwarf noticed that the floor is man-made while the walls and ceiling are natural features. At the back of the cave is a flight of steps going down. The steps and the passages are dimly lit by a fungus glowing on the roof.

With Gimlit the dwarf and Belwina the ranger in the leader the party rushed down the stair, just in time to see the goblin flee through a door on the right.

Belwina and Fido rushed in hoping to gain surprise, but the goblins therein were already prepared. Belwina cleared some space and Gimlit rushed in to help with his Battle Axe.

A search of the room revealed some treasure: 50sp and 200cp. 

The party continued down the passage. There was another door and the passage turned left.

Gimlit kicked in the door and jumped in. He was in the Goblin's larder. Here there were 4 Giant Centipedes which the Goblins find very tasty. His comrades shouted that he shouldn't bother, but Gimlit sliced then up into small fillets with his Battle Axe.

The passageway led to a rickety bridge. Being the lightest, Frito Bugger led the way followed by his dog Fido while the more heavily armoured members of the party watched from terra firma.

As they crossed the bridge, seven Goblin archers appeared and opened fire. As Frito and Fido kept the Goblins busy, Belwina opend fire with her long bow and the rest of the party rushed across the bridge to melee the Goblins.

Ignoring the side passage, the party moved straight ahead. When Gimlit and Belwina had passed by, a trap door opened to reveal a spiked pit. Fido bounded over the pit but Bathenwells didn't make the leap and fell into the pit trap,

While the party were trying to work out how to get Bathenwells out, a Carrion Crawler appeared from around the corner.

Gimlit and Fido hacked the Carrion Crawler into mincemeat.

The rest of the party passed the pit trap with great care and they all continued down the corridor. After a while the corridor came to an end when it was blocked by a fall.

The party returned and took the side passage which led to a room full of mushrooms which the Goblins grow as food. The party declined to taste any mushroom and passed straight through.

The passage turned left and on the right was a cell door. Gimlit kicked it in and entered followed by Fido. The cell contained a famished Kobold named MEEPO. Gimlit befriended Meepo with the help of food while Fido looked on snarling dangerously.

While the Dwarf and Kobold bonded, the rest of the party continued down the passage to the next door, behind which was the Goblins' armoury. The party rushed in and engaged the two Goblin armourers in close combat.

As Gimlit and Meepo passed by the room, Gimlit picked up some armour and weapons for Meepo to use.

The party came to an archway leading to a feasting hall. They all passed through except for Kranoval the mage, Belwina the ranger and Meepo who stayed outside in safety.

The room contained 10 Goblins and a Goblin Shaman. Combat broke out.

As combat continued, the Goblin Shaman cast a nasty spell and 6 Giant Rats surrounded the party.

The noise of the combat brought the Goblin Princess with her Champion and Standard Bearer out from the throne room into the feasting hall.

The Goblin Princess had a jewelled necklace and a shiny sword.

The Goblin Princess quickly negated Fido by her charm and he was soon licking her hand.

But with the help of ranged attacks from Kranoval and Belwina, the party was victorious!

Frito was first to the Princess; he claimed her magic sword and pocketed her necklace.

The party moved on into the throne room.

The throne room appeared to be empty, so Frito sneaked in looking for traps and secret passages. In a compartment under the throne he found a scroll of Magic Missile Lvl 5, a Silver Dagger, two Potions of Healing and a Potion of Haste.

Frito the searched the bedroom. In the chest he found some rather extreme underwear and bags of coins worth 200 gp. The valuable Owlbear rug was left behind, probably too heavy to manage.

When the party entered the throne room, the dwarf noticed in the stonework that there was a secret passage behind the throne.

The party followed the secret passage.

The party passed through the secret door and entered into a long hallway with 6 alcoves, 3 on each side. In each alcove was a skeleton and on the floor  a mass of bones and rusty equipment. The pile of bones rose up and formed skeletons.

The Bishop of Bathenwells raised his holy symbol and cried out "Flee before the power of LAW, foul undead things of Chaos!" and the skeletons in front of him fled leaving just 4 to be dealt with.

The two skeletons in the furthest alcoves were clad in tattered robes, armed with scythes and had glowing red eyes. They looked especially nasty.

Gimlit took on two opponents but the touch of the Nasty Skeleton paralysed him.

The Paladin, St John Wildbladder III, together with the fast moving Fido took on the remaining two opponents but the touch of the Nasty Skeleton paralysed Wildbladder.

The rest of the party charged in, engaged the undead and rescued their comrades.

Poking carefully about in the remains of the skeletons, Bathenwells noticed that the glowing red eyes were made from rubies worth 75 gp each. These he pocketed.

Hidden behind the last alcove on the right was an archway leading into another room. In the centre was a sarcophagus. The party readied their weapons and then opened the sarcophagus expecting to find a mummy or wight. All it contained was a wand: a wand of lightning bolt which Kranoval quickly appropriated.

On the far side of the room was the back side of a secret door. The door led into a passage which went upwards and exited in some overgrown bushes. 

Exhausted by their efforts, the party camped immediately for the night. The next day they continued their journey first to the village and thence to the big city.