Saturday, February 8, 2020

Crafting even more sewer tiles for the dungeon.

Now that I have made two batches of sewer tiles with which I am happy, I decided to make something more unusual. I wanted to try and make submerged grate in the sewer.

First I sketched out the tile that I wanted.

Just like for the previous batches, both the base of the tile and the paving stones were made of 5 mm foam core. I soaked both the base and the paving stones in warm water for a short while so I could then peel off the paper covering the foam. I also cut a 4-inch square of cornflakes packet card to use as a bottom, as I would be cutting a hole in the base foam core.

I cut out a 1½ inch diameter hole from the base. I then cut out a ring of 3mm foam core and a circle of grating.

I glued the paving stones onto the base using PVA (white wood) glue.  I placed the grating in the hole and then glued the ring above it. Using an HB pencil, I then drew the individual paving stones and then lines to represent cracks. Here I pressed hard enough to make indents which would show up well when it takes an ink wash. I then rolled up a piece of kitchen foil into a ball and rolled it over all the paving stones to give the stones a more rough appearance which will show up well when dry-brushed.

As the project progressed, I decided on the fly to add two more tiles: a cross tile covered with a grate and a straight tile with two pipes flowing into the sewer.

The pipes were made from drinking straws and the hot glue gun provided the sewage running out from them.

The grate support was made from matchsticks resting on small squares of 3mm foam core.

Painted as in the previous blog post.

Job done!

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