Tuesday, February 13, 2024

Rangers of Shadow Deep - The Deserted Village

The first scenario from Rangers of Shadow Deep Standard Edition. Played with Martin's hand-drawn 20mm figures and pop-up terrain. 

It has been less than a week since the destruction of Lorenthia and the appearance of the Shadow Deep but, in that time, the world has seemingly gone mad. Reports of strange creatures, and evil, robed men are flooding in from all along the new border. Even with every soldier, ranger, and volunteer mobilized, the kingdom is stretched thin. Three days ago, a veteran ranger by the name of Aventine went out to investigate reports of an attack on a nearby village. He has not returned. Determined to find the missing ranger, you have gathered what companions you can and set off for the village. It’s an eight-hour hike over difficult terrain.

As soon as you came within sight of the nameless village, you knew that something wasn’t right. There was no sound of man or animal, no movement except for the gentle swaying of the trees in the breeze. Closer in, you could see bodies lying in the dirt and smell the stench of death. Undaunted, you covered your face and carried on. Whatever happened here, it was your duty to try to discover the truth, and, if possible, determine the fate of Aventine. You had just reached the centre of the village, and were about to split up to search, when a horrible moaning sound came from all around. 

The heroes with their trusty warhounds ready for a fight.

The heroes are surrounded. Giant rats and zombies approach from all directions.

The heroes start by fighting the giant rats.

The giant rats prove easy to defeat.

The zombies move much slower than the rats, but they finally enter the combat.

The zombies prove a tougher foe than the giant rats.

And even Bill and Bull, the trusty warhounds need to lend a paw.

The body of Aventine, the missing ranger, was discovered. The Hero recognized that Aventine’s sword is magic and secures it. This sword gives +1 Fight; it can be used by this figure for the rest of the scenario if it can normally use a hand weapon, and can be given to any figure in the next scenario.

There was one zombie left to fight before the battle was over.