Friday, December 11, 2015

Spanish Napoleonic Artillery Park in 6mm

I am very happy with my 1808 Spanish Napoleonic Army in 6mm from Baccus, except that they don't have any artillery limbers in their Spanish range.

I play Command & Colors Napoleonics so I need 3 bases of artillery per unit. What I usually have is two bases of guns and one of limbers or park. So I needed to use proxies to make my Spanish Napoleonic Artillery Park.

The Spanish army was extremely short of horses and would often use mules or oxen to pull their guns. So I used oxen which made it stand out from the “normal” French or British units.

The Spanish used the French Gribeauval system of artillery equipment from the early 1790’s so using the French packs from Baccus works great, except for the train riders. The artillery equipment was painted blue-grey.

The Spanish Artillery uniforms are identical to those of the Infantry (at least in 6mm) so all I needed was a different paint job.

To make the Artillery Park I used the following items from Baccus: Ox Waggons EQU11, French Limbers NFR15, French Caissons NFR16, Spanish Line Infantry, Bicorne - formed NSP01.