Friday, December 18, 2015

Battle of Waterloo in 6mm - Part 1, The Terrain

Refight of the Battle of Waterloo using Command & Colors Napoleonic Rules. Figures from Baccus 6mm range, hex terrain from Kallistra.

As this was the 200 year jubilee we wanted to do something special. So we decided to do it on a much grander scale than a normal C&C battle. As we use Kallistra hexes it was the size of the table that determined the number of hexes we could use. This gave us 23 instead of the normal 13 hexes. We didn’t have room for a full 26 hex Epic board.

The "game board" was designed based on a combination of that from the original C&C game and MD14 by Michael Dippel together with all the Waterloo maps I could find.

The Map

The village houses are from TBM, Hougoumont and La Haye Sainte from Irregular Miniatures, La Belle Alliance and Plancenoit church from Leven and Papelotte was scratch built. Trees by Timecast. The hills from Kallistra are in my opinion a bit too rounded to hold troops well, so we made hills and ridges from polystyrene foam.

We set up the terrain and it looked like this...

The battlefield from the West

The French Left and Hougoumont

The French Centre showing La Belle Alliance and La Haye Sainte

The French Right and Papelotte

The battlefield from the East

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