Sunday, November 29, 2015

Dungeon Crawl Project - Part 2

The Dungeon Tile Core Set from DMB Games was a great start to my Dungeon Crawl Project but I wanted something more. So I decide to try my hand at making some pit trap tiles.

I decided my requirement was one 2x1 tile and one 2x2 tile and that both pits should contain spikes. The idea being that I can swap out the original floor tile for one of these when the unsuspecting adventurers discover the pit.

I made the bases from 5mm foam board into which I pushed the pointy ends of cocktail sticks and then added sand. I build up the sides with a second piece of foam board.

I used a thin layer of green-stuff to build up the sides to the same height as the DMB tiles and then sculpted it to give cracked flagstone look I wanted.

Finally DMB's tiles are stylish with their felt bottoms, and I didn't want anything less, so I cut out and glued a piece of felt to the underside.

Painting was Games Workshop’s Codex Grey, a black ink wash and then a dry-brushing with a lighter shade.  The wooden stakes show up well against the grey background – I decide against painting the tips blood red.

The figures, except I think perhaps the wizard, are all old Citadel models.

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  1. Not the Pit of Doom - please spare me!

    They look very nice, but perhaps you should rethink the blood-on-the-tips-bit.