Monday, November 23, 2015

Dungeon Crawl Project - Started

I bought a Dungeon Tile Core Set from DMB Games as the basis for my dungeon building project. I am very happy with these tiles (although I'm sure I'm going to need more). There's still lots of work to do filling the dungeon with monsters and "furniture" before I am anywhere near happy with it. However, it was now time for the first band of heroic adventurers to  explore.

The dwarves are old Citadel models. Not sure what the monster they discovered is, and by the look on the dwarves' faces neither do they - perhaps an old Citadel ogre?

The brave band of dwarves enter the dungeon.

The dungeon is full with nasty surprises!

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  1. Classy!
    I have some vintage Empire Citadel ministures if you are intrested.