Sunday, November 22, 2015

Battle of Bailén in 6mm

Refight of the Battle of Bailén (Baylen), 19th July 1808, using Command & Colors Napoleonic Rules. Figures from Baccus 6mm range, hex terrain from Kallistra.

The setup. Spanish to the left, French to the right.

The Spanish Army awaits.

The French infantry attack.

The Spanish infantry routed, and the artillery taken in the flank. 


  1. Nice...
    But 6mm they are so bloody tiny :)
    Where did you get the hexagons from.

    1. The hexagons come from - available flocked in 6 variants or unflocked in 3 different colours.

      But the hills and rivers aren't the normal Kallistra ones. The hills were made from polystyrene foam. The river was made by using upside down hexagons filled with modelling clay.