Sunday, January 13, 2019

The Maximillian Adventure

I was at the club this week playing a scenario from "The Maximillian Adventure" aka The Second French Intervention in Mexico using the soon-to-be released Osprey Rebels and Patriots rules together with the author Dalauppror.

We, the Mexican Republicans, were defending a port against an invading force consisting of French, British and Imperialist Mexicans.

The Town

The Invaders
I commanded three units forming the right flank of the defenders: one of skirmishers, one of poor quality line infantry and one artillery.

The skirmishers shooting at some Mexican Imperialists.
The Line Infantry together with their "first fire" marker.

The Artillery

Great fun was had by all six players.

We, the Mexican Republicans, claimed a victory because we held two of the three critical objectives in the port. However the press in Imperial France claimed a victory for the heroic French troops.


  1. That setup just sells itself. I think these rules are going to do very well for Osprey.

  2. Yes, Dalauppror puts on a great game every time!