Friday, October 21, 2016

Wings Of War: Multi-player Dawn Patrol

I designed a new scenario for Wednesday game night: a multi-player Dawn Patrol scenario for Wings of War that will accommodate 3-6 players.

The Hun hiding in the clouds

Conduct a patrol of this sector of the front. Engage and destroy all enemy aeroplanes.

Gaming Area
The gaming area should be 90cm wide x 135cm deep. If using the WoW playing mats, this will give you 6 map edges. Allied patrols are over enemy territory and German patrols are over their own front line (no man’s land).

Each player has one scout. Alternatively for a longer game, each player has two scouts. Divide the players into two equal teams: Allies and Central Powers. If one team has fewer players, balance the game by giving them the most experienced players, or better aeroplanes or Ace skills or higher altitude.


  1. Place two irregular-shaped clouds randomly on the playing area. 
  2. Each player determines randomly from which edge they enter. No two players can enter from the same edge.
  3. Randomly determine one player whose scout enters the playing area.
  4. Place the entering scout in the middle of the map edge. If using two scouts, place the first scout slightly in the lead and the second scout off the leader’s right wing and slightly behind. If using the optional altitude rule, all scouts enter with 3 pegs (altitude 2).
  5. When entering, the first card planned must be a normal straight-ahead manoeuvre.card. The other players on the playing area manoeuvre as normal.
  6. Repeat 3 to 5 each turn until all players have entered.

Game Length
The game ends when one side no longer has any aeroplanes remaining in the gaming area.

LOS is blocked firing into, out of or through a cloud. All firing must have a LOS to the target. Clouds do not move during the game, their speed relative to that of the aeroplanes being negligible.

Victory Conditions
Shoot down or drive off all enemy aeroplanes.

Head-on encounter

Close Range

Being tailed!

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