Sunday, October 9, 2016

Waterloo: the Fight for Hougoumont - Part 1, The Setup

The fight for Hougoumont using Command & Colors Napoleonic Rules.

Hougoumont from Irregular Miniatures 6mm scenics range, figures from Baccus 6mm, hex terrain from Kallistra and trees by Timecast.

Details of the scenario can be found here.

At Waterloo, Wellington had little choice but to occupy Hougoumont, for it would prevent the French from gaining the heart of the British position along the ridgeline. In fact, Wellington came close to losing the battle by undergarrisoning Hougoumont.

Opposite Hougoumont stood General Foy and Jerome Bonaparte with three divisions of the French II Corps. The initial attack began around 11:30 AM. The first assault met resistance, but the French infantry forced their way into the woods. As they came out on the other side, they were forced to fall back from the intense fire from the buildings and walled garden. The second assault gained a small lodgement, but the attackers again were driven back. A third attack breached the gate of the walled farm, and only the heroics of local Guards commander MacDonell and a small force succeeded in closing the gate and wiping out the attackers. Despite the success of the defenders, the crisis was not over yet, for Foy’s Division joined the attack around 1 PM and gained the orchard. The Scots Guards then counter attacked from the ridge and drove the French out of the orchard. The orchard was attacked again in the late afternoon, but the British had reinforced the position and the attack again failed. The battle for Hougoumont was all but over by 7 PM.

The Battlefield from the French side
The Game Layout

The French Left
The French Right
Hougoumont Awaits

Defending the Walled Garden

The Allied Left

The Allied Right
The French wait for the order to advance

Overview of the whole battlefiend

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  1. Keith, that is looking brilliant. Of Hougoumont itself, the game has the building at two hexes, but on a strange angle. I note your terrain is using a three hex configuration. How are you dealing with the building? Are you making it count as a two hex building to match the same hexes as official scenario and ignoring the third hex or are you making it three hexes to match the visual interpretation. Again .... great stuff.

    1. Hi Norm, I think you will find that, in the official scenario, Hougoumont has 3 walled farm hexes and 2 walled garden hexes plus 4 hexes of orchards which is what I am trying to reproduce. The third walled farm hex is hard to see because it has a British Foot Guards (GG) unit on it.

    2. Ah, indeed. I am looking at doing some larger buildings on 3 and 4 hex tiles to work with some bigger scales, though I must say, I am mightily taken by the visual effect your are getting with the 6mm.

    3. I never really liked the way some games (especially with bigger figures) use one building to represent a village or town.

  2. Really great looking setup. Nice job.

  3. Beautiful looking game, glad to look at such a wonderful terrain...