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Rangers of Shadow Deep - Tor Varden, The Lower Level

The fourth scenario from Rangers of Shadow Deep Standard Edition. Played with Martin's hand-drawn 20mm figures and pop-up terrain. 

The Scenario

After the encounter at the bridge, you and your companions were able to slip past a couple of other gnoll patrols and reach Tor Varden. There were no guards posted outside, and very little indication of anyone inside. Then a muffled scream came from somewhere in the tower. It was a sign both good and ill. There is at least one man alive in Tor Varden, but you might already be too late to save him. You will need to move fast.

Our band of heroes consisted of two Rangers and their Companions: 

Ranger Alan De Paladin with his companions Bill Bagskott the Archer and McGregor the Dwarf.

Ranger Rogon Gosh Shadowstalker with his companions Geoffrey the Archer and Bill & Bull the Warhounds. 

The party had found keys at the Gnoll camp guarding the river crossing, they had recognised them as the keys to Tor Varden, so they knew that entrance to the tower should be easy.

In the room behind the first door, the Gnolls had constructed a torture room. Two badly beaten prisoners were shackled to the wall opposite the doorway. In the centre of the room was another prisoner and a Gnoll Sergeant. Two other Gnoll Fighters are in the room.

Alan De Paladin, Bill Bagskott and McGregor rushed into the room, attacking and killing the nearest gnoll fighter.

The Gnoll Sergeant and the remaining Gnoll Fighter charged at the heroes. Alan De Paladin was badly wounded.

Ranger Shadowstalker now rushed in with his companions Geoffrey the Archer and Bill & Bull the Warhounds to support the of Alan De Paladin. Both the Gnoll Sergeant  and the Gnoll Fighter were killed.

The party discovered the watchtower’s dog, licking its wounds in a corner. This encouraged Bill & Bull and increased their determination, courage, and ability to resist magic spells.

Shadowstalker, with Bill & Bull at his heels, rushed over to the centre prisoner and untied him. He joined the heroes as a man-at-arms. The two prisoners chained to the wall are too badly wounded to help the party, who planned to come back and help them later.

Geoffrey the Archer examined the far door, while Shadowstalker cast a healing spell on the badly wounded Alan De Paladin.

Behind the next door was a Storage Room. This room was filled with boxes, crates, bags, and barrels. 

The heroes prepared to enter.

With Shadowstalker and Bill & Bull in the lead, they charged the nearest Gnoll Fighter.

As the fight continues, the Gnolls in the room closed in on the heroes.

From behind cover, Geoffrey the Archer took a pot shot at a Gnoll Fighter but without killing him.

The first Gnoll Fighter died as the fight continued.

Bill Bagskott and McGregor killed the Gnoll fighter nearest the door, while at the same time the other heroes finished of the rest of the Gnolls.

When the fight was over, the party searched for clues and treasure; they found a Philtre of Fairy Dust containing one dose and bottle of the kingdom’s famous Golden Beer renowned for its healing properties. 

The heroes then readied themselves in front of the third door.

Behind that door was the Shaman’s Workshop. Whatever this room once was, it has been completely transformed into a horrific workshop. The room contained some scattered furniture, all of it covered in animal parts. In the centre of the room stood a table with an inanimate flesh golem lying on top of it. Next to the golem stood a Gnoll Shaman. Two Gnoll Fighters were between the table and the entrance door. 

Shadowstalker and Bill & Bull attacked and killed the nearest Gnoll.

The rest of the party moved up to help, and the Gnoll Shaman attacked.

The heroes quickly killed the last opposition so that the Shaman had no chance to animate the flesh golem.

The party rest to recover their health before deciding to continue up the tower.

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