Thursday, March 21, 2024

Rangers of Shadow Deep - The Infected Trees

The second scenario from Rangers of Shadow Deep Standard Edition. Played with Martin's hand-drawn 20mm figures and pop-up terrain.

Examining the bodies of the zombies, along with the other clues from the village, left little doubt. The village had been attacked by some horrific species of giant spider, whose venom reanimated the dead. Thankfully, such creatures move slowly. Likely, they will have retreated to the nearest shelter to slowly feast upon the missing villagers. Your duty is clear. Taking just enough time to patch up your wounds, and make a quick pyre for the dead, you set off after the spiders, following their faint, but unique tracks. After nearly a day’s pursuit, the tracks lead into a small forest. Chances are the spiders are not too deep in the woods. You must find them, destroy them and any nests they might have made, and, if you are lucky, rescue any survivors.

Our band of heroes consisted of two Rangers and their Companions:

On the left, Ranger Rogon Gosh Shadowstalker with his companions Geoffrey the Archer and Bill & Bull the Warhounds,

On the right, Ranger Alan De Paladin with his companions McGregor the Dwarf and Bill Bagskott the Archer

Our heroes advanced through a landscape filled with trees and a few dense patches of briar. In the distance they spotted four 'spider nest trees'. Five web cocoons could be seen spread out between the trees. Five giant spiders could be seen moving quickly among the trees and cocoons.

Geoffrey the Archer moved stealthily in advance of the party. With the help of his Survival skills, he noticed some farlight leaf. Chewing on such a leaf would increase his shooting accuracy but at the cost of his close combat skills.

Ranger Rogon Gosh Shadowstalker and Geoffrey the Archer moved forward carefully to examine the first cocoon.

Shadowstalker searched the cocoon. He found a young villager, badly wounded but living.

Ranger Alan De Paladin and Bill Bagskott the Archer advanced towards a second cocoon. 

All the five spiders ran towards our heros.

Bill & Bull the warhounds and McGregor the Dwarf advanced to support their friends.

A sixth giant spider crept into view by one of the nest trees.

Alan De Paladin and his two companions moved forward as a tight knit group. Alan and the Dwarf attacked and killed the menacing spider while Bagskott examined the cocoon,

Bagskott searched the cocoon. He found a pretty villager girl, badly wounded but living.

Shadowstalker and his three companions grouped themselves around the advancing spider, leaving the village boy in safety behind them, They killed the evil spider without mercy.

The heroes moved together for mutual support.

Ranger Rogon Gosh Shadowstalker used his Swat spell to destroy the threatening spider.

While all alone on the right flank pf the party, McGregor the Dwarf single handedly eliminated another spider.

Three more spiders were spotted advancing past a cocoon to the party's left.

Ranger Rogon Gosh Shadowstalker, Geoffrey the Archer and Bill & Bull the Warhounds moved as a coordinated group, surrounded the nearest spider and attacked.

McGregor the Dwarf advanced to the next cocoon, only to be horrified when it was revealed to contain a zombie.

The party continued their battle with the spiders. Unfortunately, Geoffrey became entangled in a giant spider web, but luckily he was strong enough to break free quickly.

Alan De Paladin hurried forward to help McGregor the Dwarf destroy the zombie.

Bill Bagskott killed the last remaining spider with a well placed arrow.

There being no spiders remaining anywhere, the party spread out and moved towards the nest trees.

While Bill and Bull kept watch, our heroes moved to each and every nest tree. They set fire to each nest which burned up quickly.

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  1. A characterful setting. The paper toys make for a great illustrated story.