Sunday, September 3, 2017

Wings Of Glory WW2 targets

I have been making some more targets for my Wings of Glory / Wings of War WW2 game. More fun using models as targets than just target cards.


Vehicles in 6mm from Irregular may not be as detailed as those from GHQ but they are much cheaper and work great as targets.

German vehicles

British vehicles


Hallmark (sold by Magister Militum) have a range of 1:1200 ship models. A scale that fits nicely on a target card. I will be using these for refighting the early stages of the Battle of Britain; the kanalkampf when the Luftwaffe attacked shipping in the English Channel.

SS Kylebrook (Collier)

SS Holme Force (Tramp)

SS Fulham (Flat Iron)

SS Broomfield (Tramp)

HMS Azalea (Flower class Corvette)

HMT Inkpen (Hill class Admiralty trawler)

Kylebrook towing a barrage balloon (made from modelling clay) 

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