Sunday, November 4, 2018

Foraging Party (54 BC)

This is the third scenario that we have played with the Romans vs the Ancient British. We will use our simple campaign rules to link these scenarios. It was planned to use the three scenarios in Expansion 2 but it is beginning to look like we will add a fourth. We are "cheating" by combining both of Caesar's campaign in Britain in order to do so.

Previously we have been playing Commands & Colors Ancients with Baccus 6mm models. However we didn't have enough Ancient British models so we played these scenarios with paper cut-out flats by Peter Dennis and Helion Publishing. Hex terrain from Kallistra.

Historical Background

When Julius Caesar resumed his march inland, the Britons united under their newly appointed leader, Cassivellaunus. He ordered his troops to avoid pitched battles with the legions. Instead, they were to just harry the flanks of the legions and to wear down the Roman cavalry by drawing them into skirmishes, only to retire after a brief fight. Caesar was impressed with the mobility and open order fighting capability of the tribesman. He countered by increasing the size of his foraging parties and emphasising the need for the legionnaires to support the cavalry. The next Roman foraging party was almost 20,000 strong, with three legions and all the cavalry. Caesar assigned the legate Gaius Trebonius to lead this detachment. Aware of the large amount of Roman infantry in the column, Cassivellaunus still broke his own rules and attacked – confident that his forces could strike and retire before the legions could close to battle. Trebonius ordered a counter attack and the Roman cavalry, closely supported by the legions, broke out of the attempted encirclement, The Roman cavalry then charged home and routed the Britons. The defeat broke the British alliance of tribes and gave Caesar temporary control of this part of the island.

The Setup

The British Right seen from the Roman lines.

The British Left seen from the Roman lines.

The Roman foraging party advances towards the awaiting British

The Action

As the Romans advanced, the British threw some light chariots and cavalry against the Roman right flank.

The British were repulsed with losses, but not without first causing serious casualties to the Roman auxilia infantry.

The Romans pushed forward the infantry in their centre.

The Romans then through a single cavalry unit at the British right flank.

This attack pushed back one British light chariot unit.

The British the counterattacked the Romans with a unit of light chariots.

The Romans now attacked with their legionary infantry in the centre.

A nasty hole appeared in the British centre.

The British counterattacked in desperation.

The British had the Gods on their side, the counterattack was successful.

Deciding he was in a precarious position, the Roman general withdrew his lone legionary unit and advanced his other troops in support.

Seeing the Romans retire, the British threw everything they could at the Romans.

But the retiring Romans were still made of tough stuff; the British charge recoiled and the Romans went on the counterattack.

British light chariots and cavalry charged a lone under-strength unit of auxilia infantry on the Roman right flank.

The auxilia decided that discretion was the better part of valour and retired. The Roman general then ignored the British troops on his right flank and instead attacked in the centre.

The Romans wiped out the last of the British warband and the rest of their army lost heart and fled the field of battle.


Roman marginal victory. Prior to the final attack, both sides had equal losses. The final Roman attack tipped the scales in their favour!

What's Next?

We have now played the three scenarios for Caesar's invasions och Britain in our mini-campaign. The Romans won all three battles which is fairly historical. However they lost an Eagle in doing so. We will now try and create a new fourth and final scenario in which the Romans must rescue "The Lost Eagle".

Saturday, November 3, 2018

A Fantasy Adventure – Act 3.

This is a dungeon crawl using tiles from DMB Games and the Swords and Wizardry “Old School D&D” rules.

The party consists of 6 third-level adventurers: a dwarf fighter, a human paladin, a human female ranger, a half-elf magic-user, a human cleric and a hobbit thief as well as Fido the dog.

Having safely returned the farmer's daughter to her family, the party were feasted; a whole pig was roasted and plenty of the best scrumpy was served.

Many of the farmer's neighbours came from far afield. When they heard about the rescue, some farmers told the party that their young sons had disappeared. At first it was thought that they had gone off adventuring but not the farmers were beginning to suspect that they had been kidnapped. The farmers asked for the party's help to return their sons and the party agreed.

A few days later, once their hangovers had worn off, the party set off. They were led by the ranger who soon located goblin and rat tracks in the vicinity of where the boys had disappeared. The tracks were followed and they came to a ruined deserted way station. In the corner of the way station was a staircase going into a cellar.

Led by the ranger and the hobbit, the party descended. The entrance hallway had a high ceiling held up by four pillars. In three side of the room their were doors, the fourth side had bowl in which a fire burnt mysteriously without any visible source of fuel.

The party decided to try the door nearest to the staircase. The hobbit listened and then picked the lock. The room was filled with cobwebs and like the previous room had a high ceiling. In a corner there was the body of a dead goblin. The party rushed in, led by the dwarf and Fido the dog.

Two giant spiders were lurking in the webs by the ceiling and jumped down surprising the in-rushing party. The spiders were defeated surprising quickly. the room was then searched and a mixture of coins from the spiders' victims worth 15 gp were found. No other exits were found in the room, so the party returned to the entrance hallway.

The second door from the entrance hallway led down a corridor which then turned left and opened into a long room with four alcoves, two on each side. In each alcove stood a statue of a soldier. The party sent in Fido first and then followed behind without waiting to see what happened. When Fido reached the middle of the room, the statues came to life and attacked the party. It was a hard fight, the statues stone-hard armour made them hard to defeat.

Having defeated the four statues, the party was shocked to see them all stand up again. Luckily for the party, they returned back to their alcoves. The party searched the room for treasure, but none was found. However the dwarf and the half-elf magic-user found a secret door behind one of the statues.

The party squeezed through the small secret door and entered another room. The room was filled with noisome trash and debris piled into the corners. Ten giant rats had made their lair in this room.They attacked as soon as the party entered, in order to protect their lair.

The party defended themselves; the dwarf and the hobbit doing the most of the killing. Having removed the threat from the rats, the party searched the room very quickly before moving on through the door in the right hand wall.

The party entered a small room. This room had the appearance of a storage room that was hit by a tornado. Crates and barrels were smashed, clawed and scattered throughout the room. The smell of rotted food and rat dung is overpowering. The room contained nothing of interest except a door in the left hand wall.

They opened the door and were met by a wererat and four rats. The wererat had heard the noise of the party fighting its way towards him so he was expecting them and not at all surprised.

It took a while before the cleric remembered that lycanthropes cannot be harmed by normal weapons. They soon noticed that the wererat was concentrating his attacks on the paladin who was attacking with a magic sword. Now aware of the challenge, the ranger opened fire with two magic arrows. The dwarf finished off the rats while the paladin and ranger did for the wererat together.

The room was searched and bags of copper, silver and gold coins worth 150 gp were found hidden among the debris.

There being no other exits from this room, the party retraced its steps to where the corridor branched. They followed this second corridor and met a party of 8 wandering goblins.

Five goblins were quickly dispatched, the remaining three fled along the corridor and into a room that was full of mushrooms.This room had a deep, earthy smell with a muddy, dirt floor. Moisture dripped from the severely cracked ceiling. The nature of the room has allowed a wild variety of strange mushrooms to grow. The goblins hid among the mushrooms, trying not to be seen.

The party opened the door, looked in and decided that it was not worth the effort to follow the goblins.

The party returned to the entrance hallway and the final doorway.

They entered through the door, with the dwarf and the paladin leading as usual.

Through the doorway their was a corridor leading straight ahead. The corridor widened into a hallway and there stood eight skeletons on guard. As the party advanced a portcullis fell, separating the leading two adventures from the rest of the party.

The dwarf and the paladin advanced to attack the skeletons and the hobbit tried to find a lock to pick or an opening mechanism on the portcullis but without success. While the dwarf and the paladin were in combat, the cleric pulled out his holy symbol, held it above his head and shouted loud and clear "Flee Before the Power of Law, Foul Undead Things of Chaos!". However the cleric was behind the portcullis and too far away, the skeletons were not affected.

When the dwarf and the paladin had chopped up the skeletons they returned to the portcullis. As no way had been found to open it, they tried brute strength. Together with the ranger and the cleric on the other side, the managed to lift the portcullis up into the ceiling again and the whole party could continue.

Fido the dog picked up a nice femur on his way past!

The party advanced until they reached another door. This they kicked in and the dwarf and the paladin rushed in. As they entered a pit trap with spikes opened under them, The dexterous dwarf continued without problem but the less dexterous paladin fell back into the pit taking damage from the fall.

Waiting for them in the room was a evil priestess, her four charmed goblin servants and four skeleton guards.

Being afraid to fall into the pit, the party sent in Fido the dog to support the dwarf. On his four legs he had no trouble making it safely past the pit. Fido was especially effective against the skeletons, he just loved playing with their bones.

The fight was a hard one, the goblins and the evil cleric doing grave injuries to the dwarf. The fight was so distracting that the party members forgot to help the paladin out of the pit. Seeing that he dwarf was seriously wounded, the cleric rushed in to heal him. Unfortunately in his haste, the cleric forgot about the pit and slipped in. The cleric was pulled out and he could heal the dwarf who was fast approaching death's door.

The skeletons were destroyed, one goblin was dead and the other three near death. Running out of spells, the evil cleric decided to use her last spell to fill the room with darkness. In the darkness she escaped through a secret door behind some tapestries hanging on the far wall.

"I will create light to dispel this darkness" cried the magic-user. However he slipped on his way into the room and landed in the pit. He was pulled out of the pit and could then cast a light spell which would dispel the evil darkness.

From their corner, the party examined the room. The far side of the room had a compass rose on the floor. Several rich tapestries hung on the walls, depicting foul sacrifices and evil acts of the Frog God. The room had furnishings for the cleric to live and worship here. There were beds and chests along the west wall, a “throne” on the north wall and an altar to the Frog God on the south wall.

The cleric had vanished and the three remaining goblins could be seen attempting to hide under a bed in the opposite corner of the room.

The party decided that the compass roe on the floor was too dangerous to tread on when they were so weakened. It was decided that they would return to the surface to recuperate and return the next day to continue.

When they returned, the goblins had gone and the room had been stripped bare. The dwarf and the half-elf magic-user suspected that the evil cleric had used a secret door to escape. They searched carefully until the door was found.

Behind the door they found a passageway leading to a cell where the two young farmer's sons were found.

There was also a room containing a pool with a fountain in the middle. The party decided not to drink from the pool or investigate it further.

The party gave the half-starved boys some food and then returned to the surface. They were rather miffed that the contents of the evil clerics room were no longer there; they would never know what was in those treasure chests! The farmers were very happy with the return of their sons. The didn't have much money, but they through a big party for the adventurers.

The adventurers now had much more money than they started the journey with, and asked the farmers for directions so that they could pass a small town or village before they reached their final destination; that way they could buy some more supplies and equipment.

Friday, October 26, 2018

A Fantasy Adventure – Act 2.

This is a dungeon crawl using tiles from DMB Games and the Swords and Wizardry “Old School D&D” rules.

The party consists of 6 second-level adventurers: a dwarf fighter, a human paladin, a human female ranger, a half-elf magic-user, a human cleric, a hobbit thief and Fido the dog.

Having recovered the expensive silk cloth from the kobolds, the party continued onward towards their destination. However a problem occurred, their food was running out much faster than expected; the hobbit had been feeding all the beef jerky to his new friend the dog. When a farm came in sight, the party decided to uses some of their new found gold to replenish their stocks of food before the dog emptied their stores.

When they reached the farm building, they were met but the farmer, his wife, their older daughter and a farmhand. The daughter was armed with a kitchen knife and the other three with newly sharpened farm implements.

When they discovered that the party was no threat, they explain that while they had been working in the fields, their younger daughter had been kidnapped and stolen away. The kidnappers were seen and followed by their daughter; they disappeared off in the direction of the old ruined keep.
The party offered to return the daughter if the farmer would look after the donkey while they were doing it. The farmer of course agreed and promised a huge feast when they returned with his daughter.

The party rested the night and then left at sunrise. Pointed in the right direction, the Ranger could easily follow the trail.

They keep came in sight just after midday. As the party came nearer they could see the smoke from a camp fire in the ruins of what was once one of the keeps towers.

The hobbit and the ranger crept towards the ruined tower. They could see five kobolds cooking around an open fire. Deciding to break cover, the hobbit and ranger opened fire with long bow and sling. The kobolds returned fire. The kobolds were defeated, but the party was wounded.

The party occupied the ruined tower. They could see that it contained a stairway going down into an underground passage. They decided to camp the night in the ruins and recover. They posted guards in 3 watches.

In the second watch, a group of kobolds sneaked up from underground. Luckily Fido's nose gave warning, and the paladin when into action and attacked the intruders while Fido howled and woke up the rest of the party. Once awake, the party easily defeated the kobolds.

The next morning, the now recovered party went down the stairway into the dungeon.

The corridor was poorly lit by torches spaced along the walls. The hobbit and ranger were in the lead, followed by the dwarf and paladin, then the cleric and Fido, and finally the magic-user was hindmost.

The party came to a crossroads with doors visible down the passageways both right and left. They turned down the left passage. The hobbit listened at the door and then picked the lock.

The hobbit opened the door and looked in. Inside the room were 5 kobolds who had barricaded themselves behind storage crates and barrels. They had already been warned that the party had camped and was going to come down.

The hobbit slammed the door and the party retired.

Ignoring the door to the right, the party continued on into the dungeon. At the next door they repeated the procedure. The hobbit listened, but didn't hear anything. However he did detect a faint smell of manure. The door lock couldn't be picked, so the dwarf kicked it in.

The door flew open and the party rushed into the room, spreading out as they went. The middle of the room was a mushroom farm; full of mushrooms growing in deep manure. Two kobolds were among the mushrooms.

The party rushed forward to attack the kobolds; some of the party slipped on the manure and fell prone. But in the long run, two kobolds were no match for the party.

While the fight was going on in the mushroom farm, the kobolds from the two bypassed rooms came out and started following the party.

They caught up with the party in the mushroom farm, and shots were exchanged.

The party retired into the narrow passage behind the door and waited to be attacked.

While the fight was going on, one more kobold came out from the armoury behind the party. This kobold was easily dealt with by Fido the dog.

Having defeated the kobolds behind them, the party then checked first the room to their right which was the armoury (containing many assorted kobold weapons, targets etc.) and then they peered into the room to the right which was a dark unlit crypt. Perhaps wisely, the party decided not to enter the room so they never found out what coffins, sarcophagi, or religious relics it contained.

The party came to the final room. It contained 3 kobolds and a kobold shaman. Of to the left was an alcove, the entrance to which was covered by a drapery by which stood two beefy kobold guards.

The party rushed in and attacked. The kobolds responded and the kobold shaman fired off some magic missiles.

The kobold guards entered the fray, and an ogre (the leader of the kobolds) came out from the alcove.

The cleric healed the magic-user who had taken the brunt of the shaman's attack and the dwarf who was looking the worse for wear after defending the door to the mushroom farm.

Fido the dog took out the shaman, the dwarf took out the ogre with some supporting fire from the magic-user, and the rest of the party mopped up the remaining kobolds.

The kobold guards entered the fray. An ogre wielding a large club came out from the alcove; he was the leader of the kobolds. Fido the dog took out the shaman, the dwarf took out the ogre with some supporting fire from the magic-user, and the rest of the party mopped up the remaining kobolds.

The party then entered the alcove where they found the farmer's daughter. She had been playing her lute and entertaining her ogre captor.

The room contained the ogre's bed by the left wall, a locked chest by the right and a large chair (perhaps a throne) straight ahead.

On the wall behind the chair there hung a shield and 4 arrows. The shield was round, had a battle-axe motif, its edges bound with metal etched with dwarven runes. The arrows were of extreme fine quality, the fletching bright white eagle feathers and the metal tips glowed brilliantly even in the poor smokey torchlight.

The magic-user noticed the remains of an old spell book that the ogre had been using as toilet paper. He quickly put the book into his backpack. The book contains the spells: Hold Portal, Light, Magic Missile, Read Magic, Levitate, Mirror Image, Strength and Web.

The dwarf grabbed the shield which was obviously of dwarven origin, the ranger grabbed the four arrows which were a perfect fit for his long bow. The magic-user and the cleric picked up the chest between them. The paladin escorted the farmer's daughter. Fido followed behind, rather disgruntled that he hadn't found a new bone this adventure.

On returning the party examined their spoils. the shield and arrows were all magic. The chest contained a mixture of copper, silver and gold coins to a value of 200 gp.